December 26, 21

Soon a survey will launch on current circumstance of Afghan journalists and electronic media outlets in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Independent Radios & Televisions Coordination Center (AIRTCC) executive members had meeting today afternoon with Afghan Independent Journalists Association (AIJA) executive director Mr. Hujatullah Mujadadi.

The Afghan journalists and electronic media current situation debated and acknowledged as precarious in today’s meeting.

And decided to organize and launch a survey on present circumstances of Afghan journalists and media’s.

Mr. Mujadadi said the accurate, appropriate information and data would help us to attract the international donors and Afghanistan Emirate consideration.

Its essential to stand backs the media and Afghan journalists in three aspects, journalists’ capacity building by professional training, technical support from donor organizations, reduce and cut of government taxes, penalties,fundraising for media and do lobby for self sustainability of electronic media Mr.Fahim Atal communication coordinator of Afghanistan independent Radios & TVs Coordination center expressed.

It mentioned AIRTCC would extend its efforts toward to attract funds and international support for its provincial members and AIRTCC will never consent that its member’s radios and TVs will drop off

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