Holding the first joint meeting of the Federation of Journalists and Media Officials of Kabul

Kabul, 18 Jan 2022
The meeting was held in the presence of the officials of institutions, members of the Federation of Journalists of Afghanistan, and the officials of about 30 active media in Kabul, in the office of this federation.
In this meeting, Hujatullah Mujadidi, a member of the federation leadership, stated that the purpose of holding this meeting was to coordinate the Journalists’ Federation with the country’s media community. He emphasized to create transparency and accountability for journalists and media, the federation’s statute should be amended, and the general assembly of the federation should consist of Kabul media managers and provincial media representatives.
Mr. Mujadidi emphasized that the General Assembly meetings will be held once a month and after the elections among the media officials in the provinces, an elected representative from each province will become a member of the federation and they will participate in monthly General Assembly meetings in online mode. This way they can assure their presence and can be involved in the federation activities.
Hafizullah Barakzai, a member of the leadership of the federation, expressed the reason for the embezzlement of the journalists’ rights was the lack of transparency in the past activities of the federation, and he emphasized the unity of the source of funding for journalists’ institutions and preventing divisions among institutions.
Subsequently, the media officials, each criticized the past activities of the institutions, expressed their positive views while expressing their solidarity, and they hoped that the changes and reformations could solve the problems of the country’s media community.
In this meeting, it was decided that to expedite the process of reviewing the statutes and the approach of work of the federation committees, these meetings should be held weekly to provide the opportunity of the presence of all media managers of the capital and provinces in the federation.
At the end of the meeting, a four-member committee of media officials and the federation was formed to follow up on the decisions made at the first joint meeting of the media officials of the federation and finally to present the results in the next week’s meeting.

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