December 25, 21

Afghanistan Independent Radios & Televisions (AIRTCC) executive board members had their regular meeting today on 25 December 2021

First, the Afghanistan Independent Radios and Television executive members presented their last activities reports to the meeting participants, meanwhile decided to meet cooperative NGOs representatives and planed future accomplishments.

The international media support organizations, donors are interested to support afghan electronic media outlets and journalists, and they want to utilize these supports under transparent, well-defined system Mr.Fahim Atal communication coordinator of AIRTCC addressed.

Mr.Abdul Salam Javad emphasized to meeting members to organize training and workshops for Afghan media workers to improve their capacity building in their profession 

Mr.Shakib Sanin discussed the government taxes penalties on radios & TV channels he suggested to organize a meeting with  Afghanistan Islamic Emirate authorities to reduce and cute these penalties and taxes from AIRTVV member radio stations and TV channels he also said its required to enhanced regular meeting of AIRTCC executive members each week in Kabul for virtuous planned activities.

In final the AIRTCC president Mr. Amanullah Nasrat expressed all members’ suggestion and advises are important in this meeting and we will work toward on solving financial problems of our member radios and televisions, it mentioned the new year is coming and we have a lot of opportunities in future for our members self sustainability’s.

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