About us

About Us

Afghanistan Independent Radios & television coordination center ( AIRTCC ) is a network of 97 FM Radios and Televisions channel, AIRTCC established on October 2021, Airtcc brings all Radios & TVs to share, network and collaborates each other from one hub

Subsequently the Afghanistan republic government collapsed most of media supporting and protection organization workers escaped from Afghanistan, AIRTCC member’s sensed the need of A HUB to be the voice and commanding center for protection and supporting of electronic media in Afghanistan therefore all 97 radios & TV Channels agreed to establish AIRTCC.  

Airtcc associates are placed in 34 provinces of Afghanistan its members both Radios & TVs are covering 85% of all the population of Afghanistan.

Airtcc is an independent Non profit coordination center each member are broadcasting their own contents and they are integrated to the goals of coordination center.

AIRTCC operates in accordance to its charter, which is based on Islamic values, government rules and regulation, human rights principles and national and international media laws standards.

AIRTCC operate in Afghanistan to achieve strengthening the rule of law and realizing consensuses providing varicose opportunities for self sufficiency of Airtcc as well supporting the protection of the right of journalists and AIRTCC members

Airtcc is focusing on revenue growth self sustainability of its members.

AIRTCC efforts on the vital challenges and opportunities of current electronic media situation freedom of speech, advertising growth, new revenue streams Airtcc is dedicated to working with its members, as well as other partner organizations, to improve the current framework of members

FM Radios and TVs are fundamental for the strong effective government because the free press is the main element of broadcasting through which people will aware of the action of the government.